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Fluid Art Kit Step-by-Step Instructions

Included with your kit:

  • Two 8 x 8 canvasses

  • A plastic drop cloth for your table

  • Two pairs of Latex Free gloves (S, M or L)

  • Two 6oz pouring cups, stir sticks, canvas stands, double stick tape for your canvas stands

  • Six 2oz containers of ready to use, fluid acrylic paint. You’ll get white, black and four other colors of your choice


Step by Step Instructions

Before you start painting​

  • You might want to watch these YouTube videos to get some ideas and see different techniques

    • In this video from Arteza the paint they're using in the squeeze bottles is fluid acrylic, the same paint found in the cups in your kit (mixed with love by me!) ​

    • On the Life is Kumquat YouTube channel, there are tons of videos for ideas!

  • Cover your table with the plastic drop cloth and have a roll of paper towels, or a wet cloth nearby

  • After you've created your masterpiece, you'll need to leave it to dry for 24---48 hours in the same place where you paint it, so choose a location that is level and can be left undisturbed until your painting dries

  • Do wear your gloves before you start opening your paint cups

  • This is acrylic paint and you don't want to get it on fabric or carpet. But don't worry, it cleans up with soap and water from hard surfaces and your hands, so don't be afraid to get dirty!

  • Take care to keep paint away from your eyes and mouth


Step 1 - Prep Your Canvas 

Attach one canvas stand to each of the 4 corners of your canvas with the double sided stickers included in your kit. the The purpose of the stands is to elevate your canvas slightly from the table. 

NOTE: In the newer fluid art kits, I have replaced the canvas stands with pre-attached foam pieces. If you have the newer version, you can skip Step 1.

Step 2 - Mix Your Paints 

Mix each individual paint with the stir stick provided. The paint can sometimes separate from the pouring medium. Mix gently, we don't want to create a bunch of bubbles in the paint. Wipe stir stick with a paper towel or wet cloth between each color.


Step 3 - Make Your Pour Cup

Read all of the way through step 3 before you start Step 3. You'll need to fill your pour cup about 3/4 of the way up. This is a 6 oz cup and you'll need about 4.5 ---- 5.0 oz of paint to cover this size canvas. Don't worry, you don't need to be exact, a little more or a little less will work just fine.


The Dirty Cup

This method starts with a base layer (about 2 oz) in the bottom of your cup. You can choose whatever color you like for the base layer, but I recommend either white or black. Remember, each individual paint cup is approximately 2oz. Next, choose whatever other colors you like and pour them from above your cup INTO the base layer. I recommend adding 3---4 other colors. You want your cup to be about 3/4 of the way full when you're done. Don't sweat this step. Have fun, let go and trust the process!


The Layered Cup

If the Dirty Cup is just too crazy for you, you can carefully layer each color on top of each other in your pour cup, still filling it about 3/4 full. I recommend using white, black or both as contrasting colors, but there are NO rules.

This is where the video links above come in handy. They'll help you visualize what you want to try.


Step 4 - Get Your Paint on Your Canvas

Time to get messy! You have several options for this next step.


Option 1 - Flip Cup

Pick up your canvas, hold your cup with one hand. Place your canvas face down on top of your cup. With one hand flat on the back of your canvas, the other holding your paint cup, flip the unit together, making sure to keep contact between your cup and canvas. Place your canvas back on the table. Give your paint a minute to drain from your cup and then lift your cup releasing your paint onto the canvas. Fun!  


Option 2 - Pouring

Another method to try is pouring your paint onto the canvas. There are innumerable ways to do this. You can hold your cup still and just pour it all out onto the canvas in one spot. You can move your cup across the canvas as the paint pours out. You can move your hand in a circular motion and create rings. The possibilities are endless. Just have fun!


Step 5 - Tilting

Now that you've got your paint on the canvas, give it a few minutes to develop before you start tilting. Tilting serves two purposes: it helps create your unique design but it is also how you cover your entire canvas with paint. Pick up your canvas and slowly tilt the paint around. Work on tilting paint off of all four corners and sides. If you leave too much paint on the canvas, it'll take longer to dry and it may crack where the paint is thick. When you're paint stops moving on the canvas, you've got enough off.


Step 6 - Scrape your drips

Finally, place your painting back down on the table, and using one of the popsicle sticks provided, scrape the drips from the bottom edges of the canvas. This will prevent the dripping paint from pulling paint from the top of the canvas and messing up your awesome design! Repeat this step one more time in about 15 minutes.


That's it!  Look what you've created!!


Step 7 - Drying

Now leave your painting to dry for 24----48 hours. You'll be able to see where it's still wet. Don't stick your finger in it to check!

Thank you so much! I would love to see your creations, please send them to me in a message or tag me on Instagram @inceptionflow

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